Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Just a brief update

Turned on the laptop today to find 34 emails. Oh, what could they be, I thought. Only delivery failure notices. Someone hacked my account and tried to spam people. Luckily, most, if not all, of the emails failed to go through. Good! Hotmail said, it looks like someone other than you is using your account. We'd like to verify you etc etc. Long story short, pass change, email clean up lol.

So, today partner's heading out to royal mail depo because missed delivery yesterday. I'm a bit poorly at the moment so she suggested she do it whilst I spend some time with the little monster, who has taken to putting his fist in his mouth. Every time I pull it away, once I'm about to turn away or look elsewhere, the fist shoots straight up. I remember watching him for a while. In this time he didn't even move the arm. The moment I turned to sit down (he was sitting in bouncer), that fist went flying to his mouth. -.- bad habit to get Alexander.

So, I'm just adding the final touches to the Revolution magazine, Issue 02. This months issue really does look good in my opinion. I'm really pleased with it. And the battle report is a bit different too. Obviously, not out till 28th, which is good. I'm still looking for a few more components. Not sure if I'll find them for this issue though.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Weekly Write Up #2

White Dwarf/ Warhammer Visions

White Dwarf and Warhammer Visions came out this week. In fact, I got them yesterday. Some have you may have seen my community discussion about how rubbish I actually think this new updated format is.

Lets start with White Dwarf. People have said it's cheaper, and you don't need to buy all 4 issues that come out that month. TRUE!

However, look at it this way. The original White Dwarf set a hobbyist back by £5.50 I believe it was. This money went to a good 180+ pages every single time. The content inside, though not always up to scratch, was still diverse and at least gave a vaguely good read and view at the worst of times.

Weekly format sets a hobbyist back by £2.40 a week. That's £9.80 a month. Some of you may think, okay, first, we don't need to buy each issue, as I said earlier. And, we get four issues, that's not too bad. Pffft! Okay then, so what's the page count in this new weekly White Dwarf? Around 30 pages. Just one issue sets you back just under, a minor bit under, the original price, and for not even a quarter of the content you use to get.

Is the content good? It depends on what you feel is good. Now, there was no battle report in this first issue, but I feel that the battle reports may come in one issue in every month, hoping to diversify issues from time to time. What I read and looked at was okay... but then, at the same time, it wasn't really anything good.

I believe someone said that it seemed as if it was aimed at beginners mainly, as well as being a way to get some unavailable rules until the next update comes out. Adequate opinions I believe. I don't see anything really worth the effort in this. Not worth the money in my personal opinion.

Whereas Warhammer Visions is a magazine that will attract some but also deter some from getting subscriptions or even bothering with it. With the magazine being all images, it really isn't that interesting. Great quality pictures, but that's it. I like to read a bit about the pictures I see. So and so did this to their models, making a brilliant metallic effect. Look how they've subtly converted the arm to have the space marine looking as if he's about to forget all about shooting and throw a physical blow at an oncoming enemy.

Also, I don't like how they tried to sell it as having additional pages. There aren't additional pages, because you reduced the size of the pages. This means, if you gather up all the extra page space that was lost, it'll probably add up to round about the amount of 'extra' pages they added to the art book, making it the same amount of pages as the old White Dwarf. And did my eyes deceive me? Someone said this book costs £7 odd? Okay, I'm on strike!

Anyway, that's it for my thoughts on the new magazines.

Little Actor

Look who it is. Awww, isn't he lovely when he's sleeping? WRONG!!! He's tricking you. He's fully awake, even though it's nap time, and he is ready to cry. In fact, he was just crying, and then stopped momentarily for the picture I was taking, so that it could deceive you all.

Terrible, absolutely terrible. I keep telling him I'm going to send him to acting school since he seems to be so good at it already lol.

He's smiling a lot more now though, as you can see. It's quite funny the silly things he will smile about though. He will also try talk to the lion hanging from his bouncer, as well as his bottle.

Tends to get frustrated after a while of them not responding though.

Release of Issue 01

That's right, it's time for me to give you the heads up about the release of Revolution Issue 01. Alright, don't go comparing me to White Dwarf etc, I haven't got to that kind of level yet. In fact, I was quite disappointed with how the actual issue turned out.
Don't get me wrong. I love the content that I've provided. I really think the foundation of something great is also there now, which I am going to be working on for Issue 02, but still...

I feel like I'm not providing any this isn't just good to flick through, it's good pointers and tips etc. One section, Bits & Bobs, goes through a list of what you can do to make things for your gaming. I am quite pleased with that actually.

I also enjoy the battle report, though it didn't exactly go how I wanted.

What I'm thinking I do need to do though, is some rule explanations. I mean, I do say I'm playing my own game rules, but I've not really expanded on that. I have yet to put my rules out on the site either, so I feel that a rule section would be quite handy, so at least readers would be able to start to understand the way the battle report works maybe.

I'm also thinking of giving the design a little bit more to it, so it's not so much pictures and writing on a blank page with a footer design.

Here's the link to Issue 01 post however.

Paint Supply

Needed some new paints, so got onto Games Workshop site and ordered some from my personal allowance.

We have a budget going, so personal allowance is the amount of money I get a month to do what I want with lol.

Got Alexander's Toys

Bought some interactive toys for Alexander. I feel I may have mentioned it in previous post, but here they are. The pop up singing ball is one of the things he plays with at the moment. We bought the train toy and the jungle gym tunnel for his Easter present, since he won't be having any chocolate.

Chapter 19 of story

The other day I was thinking of just how important it is to try and get your story out first. As some of you know, I've been working on my own Story Chronicles, but have been a little lax in getting them actually finished.

My partner, one of the things we have in common, is also writing. In fact, she had finished the first and almost second draft of her story until the usb and laptop broke and she thought she'd lost the info. We found the first draft minus last chapter on another USB stick, so she's started working on that again now, instead of the new story she had come up with.

But she read on one of the blogs she follows, that there's a new story coming out. Apparently it's almost the same as hers in plot. Now say if her story would have been big or not, with something similar already published, it would now get compared, and maybe even accused of copying.

That's what I'm here thinking about now too. Holy Crap!!! If someone gets a story similar to mine out before me, I'll have even less of a chance to get good ratings =O But I suppose obstacles are there to be cleared aye. I need to actually finish the story before worrying about others getting their stories out.

So, I'm on Chapter 19 now, of what was going to be 20 chapters, and has extended to 21, and will be extending again once I do 2nd draft. I know this because I wrote extra ideas down, but haven't implemented them yet as I want a 1st draft sorted to have something actually done. Then I can work on making it better.

I hate how if I wanted to self publish on Amazon (e-book) I would have to have a tax account over in America as well. Apparently that's the case with most e-book things as well though, because most are owned by American companies. I think that's a real downer. It's not enough to be taxed in my country, but I have to be taxed elsewhere too. Jeez lol.

Well, more like getting ill. Throats dry and hurting, chest is starting to feel tight. Can feel the weakness in my limbs. Core, hate that. I think Jade carried the cold in from when she went shopping with her sister and nephew, as they were ill.

Well, hopefully it goes before it really starts, as I really don't want anymore hindrances for Issue 02 of Revolution lol.

On a final note, Jade's mum bought us a high chair for the future. Alexander was very pleased. Well, I'm sure he would have been if he could understand.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Revolution will be launching tomorrow

Tomorrow Issue 01 of Revolution goes up. Check it out. I've been on about it for ages now, and I'm quite pleased with the results, though already I'm looking at new ways to improve Issue 02.

A whole host of different things will be in the first issue, with rules and better battle reports to be a sure insert into Issue 02.

Take the time to check it out over on Table Top Revolution

Sunday, 26 January 2014

This Sunday, what's been happening?

Here we are with the first of my Sunday posts. So what's been happening this week? Quite a bit actually, but I'll try and sum it all up quickly. Don't want you to be stuck here, aye?
So, on the baby front. alexander is growing growing and growing, as you can see. He's getting better with the night feed, but he's still no good at staying a sleep if his limbs come free of the cover. He also seems to be quite the moody baby. Generally, Alexander is only happy for a while after feeds, and when other people are around. You know how kids always like to pretend they're such angels when others are around. Keeps the parents under wrap, they believe, haha.
We've actually ordered some new baby toys from argos. We're hoping that that'll help cheer him up, as they should be more interactive, instead of just the shake noises with the other stuff we have. Hopefully anyway.
We're going to start getting the 6-9 clothes slowly over the next few months, as he seems to be growing out of clothes a lot quicker than we expected.
All in all, he's a great lil baby to have bouncing (crying) around the house.

Here is a picture board I did for Alexander. My partner found it mentioned on a blog about buying a high contrast board that keeps the child attracted. Something about the black and white being vivid contrasts of each other. They don't do them here in the U.K so I thought I'd make my own. It works quite well actually. I'm quite glad I did that. It was fun as well.
Here's a formation I noticed in Jade's bath before she decided to get in. I had to stop her so I could go get the camera. I was saying it looked sort of like an island. Thought it was pretty cool myself, but yeah, she wasn't too interested lol.
Over to the hobby stuff. This week has been a real rush to get the new Goblin Lair done, as the old one had to be dismantled and thrown out. Took up too much space in the terrain storage, as I hadn't accounted for it before building that one.
It turned out to be a great chance though, as now the new lair actually can be used properly without worrying that the bases won't fit in certain gaps due to the paper-mache decreasing sizes.
You'll get to see it in this months issue of Revolution if you head over to Table Top Revolution and head to the link called Revolution. The first issue will be up on the 31st of Jan. Looking forward to it.

Another piece of terrain I started this week is this lake/waterfall scenery for the gaming table. I have been working on a river, but thought I wanted to also have a source of water that will be large, causing a more difficult crossing. Here you see PVA glue settling into place.

And for all you who were wondering about the Revolution magazine, here's the front cover of the first issue. Remember, it's an online magazine, entirely free, so it won't put you out a penny if you want to view or download it.
Apart from what's been shown, I've also been searching for a new job, doing house chores, made a graphic design portfolio to send out to graphic design companies, and have been exercising. Need to get into shape now really, tummy has gone tooooo far.
Well, that's all for now. See you next Sunday :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Change to posts

Hi guys, as this blog is for general posts, I decided I will be moving posts to a Sunday, that way I can comment on the week as a whole, and make sure that a post is done every week.

I really don't like leaving the blog quiet for so long. And this sunday schedule is a way to sort that issue.


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Games Workshop are having a laugh

Just a quick one today. More a complaint than anything...

Are Games Workshop kidding me with the prices for the new desolation of smaug miniatures? 3 swordsmen of laketown models for £15? I can buy 12 Grimhammers for £20, (the best race going) and you want me to spend that much on poxy humans... (no offence =P ) But seriously... great sculpts, yes, but they need to do something about those prices. Maybe offer the 3 swordsmen, 3 spearmen, 3 bowmen, box of warriors of dale, and a captain of laketown, in a £50 boxset. Or, throw in some orcs and wargs to make a Desolation of smaug boxset for £75.

Cor, give me a job Games Workshop, I'll show you how to treat your customers to good stuff. I mean, £75 isn't cheap, but its a good deal considering the prices on all those models, no?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Celebrating a New Year!

It's been a while since posting on here now. Well, I just wanted to say Happy New Year, and I shall be showing you all what I've been getting up to lately.

Oh, here's the lil one on Christmas day.