Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The next step #Drawing 2

Firstly, this guy started out as a copy of Mark Crilley's instructions... unfortunately somewhere I started to go wrong, and instead of starting again, I thought I'd capitalise on that mistake and make this guy my own. I like the worms coming out his mouth, but I really enjoy the way the mouth in general turned out. Heightened by the shape of his eyes, I think this guy can be seen as a possibly cocky and creepy guy.

During one of Mark Crilley's techniques for helping you draw hands I noticed the shape looked like a train coming towards you without the detail. This instantly threw me into an urge to draw exactly that, starting with the shape Mark Crilley had drawn. Here's the result, along with the peeping eyes of another drawing.
It was noted quite a lot in comments and other drawing videos I watched, that one thing you should really practise if you want to be good at drawing bodies etc for your manga, is realistic drawings. It's a lot easier to know how the shapes of arms, legs, etc should be drawn if you've gotten a hang of drawing the real life versions. So instantly, I found a picture of my partner, and began working on it. This was the result, which I'm extremely happy with.

And going off what I said above, I then decided to try drawing a muscled male body (which I've just realised I didn't finish the nipples on). This drawing was based on a image found on google. I didn't save or copy the image, instead drawing it from the google page as I didn't want any copyright bla bla bla crap. I like it, but it could definitely be improved.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Beginning Point #Drawing 1

Well, I've been practising drawing to help me start my manga/comic, as I want to be able to not only draw the faces I struggle with at the moment, but be able to replicate them in other panels without changing the look of the character apart from the angle that the reader will see them from and such.
So, first off, this post shows you my beginning point in this route to improve my drawing skills.

The two guy drawing on the right hand side I quite liked, especially when it was inked (will need to upload that picture).

I tried to switch to what I thought would be easier in terms of drawing. Chibi characters. But woe is me, I could not even get a satisfying result from such a move either, and I felt that I had not progressed, and possibly regressed from the drawing skills I once had.
But my determination to do my own Manga would not allow me to give up here. So I started watched Mark Crilley's videos on Youtube. With his own graphic novels published, and remembering that I use to watch his videos in 2011, I thought he would be a great source to start back from again.
Look forward to the next post to see the progress I made.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

To Cut or To Cutlery

I was in the midst of washing up the used plates and dishes when for some reason I wondered where the word Cutlery came from.

My thoughts on this was the fact that some of the cut. I assume that the first forms of cutlery would have been solely knives, as cutting would have been more essential than anything else in my opinion. Another reason I think that the word cutlery for the stuff we know today would have come about, is because it isn't only the knife that cuts. Forks and Spoons may be used to pick up bits of food, but they were also cutting a section of food off from another just by moving it away.

For example, take a body of rice. If I was to use a fork or spoon and take up a bit, I would be severing their bond as part of the collective group of rice. Not exactly like how a knife literally severs the join, but still along the same lines. In that way, surely the title Cutlery, would make perfect sense for all three?

Now, we all know Wikipedia isn't the holy gospel on knowledge, as it can be edited by anyone and everyone. But it basically states that the word is derived from other languages that give it the meaning knife. As generally Cutlery does refer to cutting instruments used in the preparation or eating of food, this makes sense.

Wikipedia Extract - (The word cutler derives from the Middle English word 'cuteler' and this in turn derives from Old French 'coutelier' which comes from 'coutel'; meaning knife (modern French: couteau).)

Silverware, hardware and tableware are the terms used in the US.

Basically, each title had its own problems, as tableware was brought in to get around the fact that not all silverware was actually silver.

I preferred my thoughts on the matter, but hey. Learned something.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Words of the Day #1

So, I wanted to start gearing my mind toward taking in more information and holding it. Since I'm currently in the middle of practise drawings to regain my base skills then improve on them for my manga (will be showing you some practise drawings in the days to come), I thought that this could be another way to use my blog.

Sharing words I find interesting.

Well, todays words can be related to the generic form of manga in its more simplified colour version of black, white and grey.

These definitions have been obtained from the Oxford Dictionaries. However, anything in red writing will be my examples or thoughts.

1. Achromat

A lens that transmits light without separating it into constituent colours.

2. Achromatic

Relating to, using, or denoting lenses that transmit light without separating it into constituent colours.

3. Achromic

Having no colour except black, white and grey.

I thought it would be better to go with words to do with the same thing, so you would get to understand the different angles, instead of three completely separate words with no link. Well, that was concerning this time. Next time, I may possibly have three entirely different words.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Account Update

Just a head up.

Table Top Revolution has moved to a new account now, as I wanted something that I could allow people to contact me without filling up my main inbox which I need to sort through for job interviews etc.

The new url is now www.revolution6six.blogspot.co.uk and the email is revolution6six@gmail.com.

What will Nathan's Fiction Sphere be doing?

Well, now I'm going to try pick up the pace properly with variations between photography, graphic design, writing, drawing etc.

I look forward to seeing you all again, and those who were just interested in Table top gaming, please follow the new account.

Thank You

Monday, 7 July 2014

Re-kindled Determination

With a Pokémon gaming project running through planning stages and testing for the Table Top Revolution blog site, I thought it'd be great to try and do something to help revitalise this blog. I go through bouts of reading, as projects such as gaming, photography, writing, come up. I have also not been writing any short stories here for a while now as well, though I shall start doing that again soon.

My plan is to try and do a comic. I've attempted doing a comic before. Just one chapter of one though. It was tough going, but I was extremely pleased with what I produced when I put my mind to it. This was back during college, and after reading many mangas (Japanese comics) I just had to try do one myself.

Today, I'll let you view the outcome of this try by posting that one chapter I did. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment.

(Reads left to right)

If I had continued, I'm sure the next chapter would have been longer and bring a true story to life. The name for this comic was going to be Savage Blood. An action, possibly martial arts genre.

Well, with this new found determination, I'll once again undertake doing a manga, but this time, try and make at least 10 chapters.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cinnabar Moth

I've been working out in the garden lately, as I'm adding in a flowerbed border, as well as sorting out some really terrible paving. This is all mainly due to the place having been mostly left to its own devices whilst the property awaited someone to rent it.

Though we've been living here for what will be a year in September, I haven't really gotten round to adding my own touch to it. It's been hard going, but I've got about half the work done on the flowerbeds themselves, but still have weeding, gravel moving, out skirting, and more paving to do. Due to not wanting to spend too much on this, especially after ordering 52 cement side skirting's, I've basically been using slabs I've been finding under the dirt whilst digging.

It's actually coming along nicely, despite the fact that because I'm not using cement, the paving is a bit easy to unsettle. Prior, you couldn't tell that there was just broken paving and a whole load of dirt. I don't want my young son to hurt himself, so I used the dug up slabs to refit this area, and have put in a muddy slush to fill the gaps. I'm hoping that over time it will manage to keep itself together. Weeds and so on were holding the minute bits together prior to this.

Anyway, I'm drifting off on a different topic. What I wanted to talk about is the beautiful moth that keeps visiting the garden. I love its colouring, it's absolutely wonderful. I searched it up, and its a Cinnabar Moth. Lovely.

I feel quite honoured to have it in my garden. I was a bit shocked when it brushed passed by face though. As anyone would be I believe.

Anyway, back to preparations for Pokémon.